Discover More About Your Riptide Gear

If we receive your order by 2:00 PM Central Time, it usually will go out that day. We ship United States Post Office Priority Mail and you should receive your order in 2-4 days.

The smallest pool that we know someone uses Riptide in is 12 feet. We custom-made to length the cord and shoe line for this person. You can shorten the stock cord by knotting the cord.

Just order your regular street shoe size, such as a 10 1/2. We need to have your street shoe size. The Riptide shoes run about 1 size larger than a normal shoe. The swim shoe should fit like socks, so we will downsize 1 size from the size you tell us. Please don't downsize it when you order.

Riptide comes with a clip at the end. If you have a port on the side of your pool for a line to divide the deep end from the shallow end, you can clip into it. You can attach it to the step handrail or the ladder by wrapping the line around the rail and clipping it onto the cord. Clip the Riptide into a rope and tie the rope to a fence post or tree. We have some who clip Riptide on a rope, the rope is tied onto a piece of wood and they shut the wood in the door.

Riptide has a clip that attaches the shoes to the cord. Just unclip one pair and attach the other.

Riptide has a one-year guarantee on workmanship and materials.